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Tattoos have been a part of human culture since the days of Egyptian pharaohs. In modern times, people with tattoos also have a desire to eventually want them removed. Laser based tattoo removal procedures have flooded the market for years. A new and more natural approach has been introduced which avoids the risks of laser-based devices and improves the overall efficacy of removing all colrs and traces of tattoo pigment from the skin.

Why lasers are no longer the way to remove tattoos

Laser-based tattoo removal relies on selective disruption and destruction of pigment-containing cells. Pigment fragments enter the immune system and are expelled by natural processes. There are no studies to indicate that the expulsion of ink through the lymphatic system has been proven to be safe. In addition, the FDA does not regulate tattoo pigments that may be comprised of several questionable ingredients.

Why the Eclipse Micropen TR is different

The Eclipse MicroPen TR utilizes a completely different process called mechanized epidermal tattoo removal (METR), a technique based on the concept of partial thickness wound healing, “The pen is not a laser. It is a new and unique entity. It would not be fair to compare the MicroPen TR with laser because the mechanisms are so completely different.” 

The Eclipse MicroPen TR is equipped with medical-grade microneedles designed with precise and adjustable settings that directly target and release the ink to come up and out of the skin as opposed to being broken up by lasers and pushed into your body.


                      ~less downtime and can treat all skin types and colors,

                      ~uses microneedles to deliver a natural solution in the dermal layers that liquefies or breaks apart the pigment                                without damaging the skin                                    

                      ~Can be used it on most skin types.

                      ~When the skin heals the pigment lifts out.

Tattoo Removal

The safest way to tattoo removal - Read why

Tattoo Removal